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          XIJU Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is an innovative company committed to the development of high-side sensor,detecting technology and related products.Our company has the domestic leading sensor design, R & D and test engineers.Core R & D team consists of doctors and masters who are with more than ten years of work experience in their fields .With first-class professional skills and the pursuit for perfection and innovation,the team is striving to create the highly reliable products in the industry-leading position.

          In recent years, our company has successfully developed a variety of high-side products and the technical performances have reached the international advanced level. Among our products: RS series --- high-resolution and CNC machinery special position sensors,GB series --- compact and mechanical position sensors, MH series --- compact and walking machinery special sensors, RD series --- split and new energy sensors, are all high-tech products which fill the vacuity in china .Now they have been widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical, engineering machinery, automobile, aircraft, high-speed rail, wind power, building materials and other fields, and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

    Looking to the future, the company will continue to regard " break the monopoly of foreign high technology and create the national independent sensor brand" as its mission and consider the common development of company and employees as it's principle.Our goal is to establish a new modern company and create new value for the community and customers!



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