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          Nanjing Xiju Electronic Technology Limited (abbreviation: Xiju Electronics) is a company founded by Ph.D. of Zhejiang University, dedicated to the research and development of advanced measurement technologies (Advanced Measurement Technology, registered trademark: AMT) such as magnetostriction, ultrasound, and laser. Industrialized innovative high-tech enterprises. In 2014, Xiju Electronics was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. In 2016, it passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, and in 2017, it passed the EU CE certification. 

    Xiju Electronics's core products have completely independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, it has obtained 4 Chinese patents and 13 software copyrights. After years of accumulation, the company has gradually established a domestic sensor design, research and development and testing team with considerable influence.The core members have doctoral degrees, and have long-term work experience and fruitful scientific research achievements in their research fields.

    Xiju Electronics has 22 series and nearly 100 models of magnetostrictive displacement sensors and liquid level sensor products. It is widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, rubber, construction machinery, military industry, port machinery, rail transit, lithium battery equipment, offshore wind power, building materials machinery and other fields, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.




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