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    1、What is a magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor 2007-7-8
    2、Working principle of magnetostrictive position sensor 2007-7-8
    3、When choose the position sensor model,what problems we must pay special attention to? 2007-7-8
    4、How long the sensor ordering cycle is? With or without urgent service? 2007-7-8
    5、How long the warranty period of the sensor is? 2007-7-8
    6、How long the biggest range is? 2007-7-8
    7、When order the sensor , whether customers need to add the dead zone of the first side and the end to the order length? 2007-7-8
    8、After the sensor leave the company, whether the range can be changed? 2007-7-8
    9、Do sensors have input voltage protection function? 2007-7-8
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