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    News Focus:Zang Zhengjin Secretary to the company research and guide work



    Zang Zhengjin secretary, Mao Yinling warden visit the company research and guide work





          On February 10th, Qixia Zang Zhengjin Secretary and Mao Yinling warden visited our company to research and investigate work. During the period, general manager of our company mainly reported the company's the achievement in recent half a year and the company's next development plan. Zang Zhengjin secretary affirmed adequately in campany's outstanding achievements of breaking the monopoly of high technology from abroad,and pointed out :Internet Era's coming bring great prospects for development to the sensing device R & D and production enterprises.I hope that we will accelerate the construction to make more contribution to the coming Internet Era.We also need to construct platform actively ,accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote independent innovation of enterprises,and strive for making more contribution to the innovative driving strategy implementation.

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