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    Industry News:In 2010, the encoder market in china grew 42.9% compared to the same period of last year


    In 2010 ,China encoder market scale has  achieved 1.3 billion , growing 42.9% compared to the same period of last year.






       In 2010, the Chinese rapid  growth of OEM market has driven the same rapid growth of  encoder market . In 2010 ,Chinese encoder market scale has reached 1.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.9%.





         From the industry point of view, elevator, machine tool and servo motor are the focused applications of  encoders , accounting for 53% of the whole application market . Textile machinery , packaging machinery , printing machinery and other fields occupy small market share in contrast  and generally the encoder not directly  go into the three industries.The competiton between  encoder manufacturers  is mainly concentrated  in the link of motor production factory which supplied servo motors for these machinery industries. Lifting machinery at present also occupy a small market share of only 4%-5%. At present,in metallurgy , electronic industry and other project type industries, encoders has a fewer application , accounted for only 14% of the market share. In addition, the encoders also have certain applications in medical machinery , wind power ,  car production line, hybrid vehicles, water conservancy, rail transportation, etc.



    In 2010 ,the demands for automation products in  wind power industry  have grown by more than 50%. The growth of coders' main applied fields such as elevator, servo motor, textile machinery and machine tool is also quite obvious, and it is the main source to pull the growth. From the manufacturers to see, currently,American and European brands occupy the high-side market, accounting for more than a third of the market share and the  price is on the  high side and they have advantages in heavy industry , wind power and other new energy fields ; South Korea brand occupy the mid-market accounting for more than a third of the market share ,and the products are on mid-side  price and have a wide application on the industries of elevator, machine tool, servo motor, etc ; Mainland enterprises  mainly joined the competition in  mid and the low-side market with low product price ,and they only get  25% sales quota of the mainland market with a the 50% sales volume.



          The enterprises occupied a relatively large share of market share include Heidenhain, Tamagawa, Nemicon, Yuheng, Baumer, Rep, P + F, Danaher, Koyo, Omron, etc.Among them, the top three enterprise occupy nearly 50% market share .The market concentration is higher.The  application industries which enterprises aimed primarily at are of high industry concentration and  less competition.The performance growth of the mainstream manufacturers also has the obvious difference---the largest is 60% and the lowest is less than 10%. 



         Encoder is divided into absolute value type and increment type. Now the price of absolute value encoder is more than 4 times of increment encoder . 70% of the application on The domestic market is the relative economic  increment encoder . The increment typemainly used in machinery equipments in the industries such as packing, textile, elevator ,etc, which only require measuring speed and with low requirements for absolute position measurement.In heavy industrysuch as high precision machinery equipment or steel, port and lifting , because of the accuracy of measurement requirement is relative taller,absolute encoders will be chosed more . In these heavy industry industry application, as the condition is harsh, the requirements for the encoder's impact-resistance , vibration-resistance and other parameters are higher. 



          Along with the improvement of mechanical equipment automation,the application field of encoder products is wider and wider. the customers have no longer only satisfied with  converting rotation signals  to electrical signal, and they also requires higher integration , durability and expect for more rich interface way  in the absolute encoder to make more equipments realize intelligence. 



         At present the production safety and communication security are taken more and more seriously in the whole industry market. The national level also began to put forward  requst for the safety  performance of products. Encoders also have corresponding standard on the security,but because the domestic encoder market has relative low technical requirements to the products , the customers are more favour with the mid-side products .

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