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       Recruitment Information
    Recruitment Information:Multi campus recruitments recently start



    2012 campus recruitment is about to start




       Job Recruitment    



    1、Job Title: structural engineer The demand numbers: 5


    Job Description
    Design and development sensor and precision instrument parts and components 

    Design small precision machinery and equipment 

    Job Requirements
    Major in Mechanical 

    Must have mechanical design experience or interest

    Familiar with common mechanical processing method and technology

    Who takes part in machinery and electronics design contest is preferred



    2、Job Title: senior electronic engineer The demand number: 10

    Job Description 
    Design and development electronic circuit of Industrial product

    Job Requirements :
    With a solid basic knowledge of electronic technology,and has strong interest in the circuit design 

    Design hardware based on single-chip microcomputer and software system independently 

    Have design experience in analog circuit based on operational amplifier

    - Who takes part in machinery and electronics design contest is preferred



    3、 Job Title sales engineer       The demand number:30

    Job Description : 

    Sale sensor and precision instrument products

    Job Requirements  
    Have passionate for sales work

    Honesty, professionalism and standard mandarin  

    -Who has good technical background and sales experience is preferred    





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